Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TBS refutes hell.

Christianity is flawed. This is one of the best arguments to refute hell that I have heard in a LONG time. The guy who uploaded this goes by the name "TheoreticalBullshit" and he is one of my favorite aitheist youtubers. Enjoy this! (:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nice to meet you!

Hello! I am Logan.  Seeing as how this is my first post, I thought it to be suitable for me to just tell you what to expect out of this blog.
                  This blog doesn't have a specific purpose, but it is just me ranting and crying out about injustices and other things that piss me off, hence the name "Cry of Insanity". This will be something that I hopefully will be updating often, so come back and check. It will contain posts about religion, civil rights, politics, gay/drug culture, and things that happen that just really piss me off (there are a lot of them!) So, I hope this will be something that we really can enjoy, and something I can do for all of the years to come.

until next time,